A new look for Hippodilly Circus

Since starting this blog, the user photo I have had is one of me because I didn’t have anything else to use and I am not an artist.

But now… I introduce the new image for Hippodilly Circus!!!

Icon avatar

This fantastic image is compliments of one of my favorite human beings and teenage artist, Emma.  Emma has been a close friend of my daughter Georgia Mae for years and she has become a part of our family.  My sons call her sister.  She has made several visits to my in-laws’ house to go on vacations with my kids.  We have a long history of choosing family members in our house, and Emma is definitely one person we’ve chosen to be a part of our family.

When I asked Emma if she could draw a picture for Hippodilly Circus, she agreed graciously.  We spoke about what we thought would work best and then she went on to create this fantastic hippo ringmaster.  I love it because it’s gorgeous and because Emma created it.

Emma will start college in a few weeks as an art student and will no doubt continue to create great art in the world.  I’m so honored that she created a lovely avatar for this blog!

Should we name the hippo?  All suggestions are welcome!