Starting the School Year – As a Lively Librarian…

To quote a television show theme “It’s a Different World than where you come from.”

I have taught at three different schools in the last five years, so starting at a new school isn’t a foreign experience for me. I told my husband that I was working hard at making the adjustment and he just looked at me and said, “You should be used to it at this point.”

It’s not just the school that’s different. I’ve changed from Middle to Elementary school and from a classroom teacher to a teacher librarian.

The biggest adjustment is the schedule. Not even the schedule itself, but the fact that the schedule is very much a living and changing thing. I have realized that my best strategy is to slow down and make transitions mindfully rather than quickly. That helps enormously.

Another huge help is having a library assistant who has been in the school for years and is generous in her patience and in information.

I’ll admit that I didn’t feel so very lively when I headed home each evening this week. I was in bed by 9:30 each night!

There are some terrific highlights to share. The week was exhausting, but exciting.

  • The kids are so darned cute! Seriously, the kindergartners are still so little and have great enthusiasm and express all of their thoughts, which is hilarious at times.
  • The monarch butterfly caterpillars I took to the library are a HUGE hit. The kids find them fascinating. They could look at them all day. I can convince most kids to sit still while I read to them if I promise them time at the end to watch the caterpillars.
  • The students and the teachers view the library as a great asset and help to their learning. It’s so great to be a “destination teacher” in the school building.

Those are just a few highlights. The kids want books. They want to read. They love being there. Everything else will work out with some work and relationship building.

One book related highlight: During a Kindergarten lesson, I learned that one of the students in the class is named Kwame and is from Ghana.  I was able to tell him that one of my favorite authors is named Kwame – Kwame Alexander.  His face lit up and he was thrilled to know that someone with the same name as him has written books.

Here’s a slide show of some great moments from the week!

There are photos from our Back to School Night and a photo of the beautiful flower arrangement that my in-laws sent to celebrate my start as a Lively Librarian.

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Hippodilly Librarian

I have been taking courses to acquire an add on endorsement to become a school librarian since January. It’s been a rough and tumble process, but I have finally landed in a great spot as the librarian at Groveton Elementary School in Alexandria, Virginia. The library space is beautiful and it’s full of books, computers, and shelves and starting on Tuesday, it will be full of KIDS!

One of the courses I am taking this semester is on technology and will be forcing me to stretch my technical skills. I will be using this class as an opportunity to develop and add to my WordPress skill set, which is extremely limited right now. You should start seeing some more interesting and dynamic posts soon and more information about the library and life as the weeks go by.

To the stacks!