I Need Your Help To Change the World

So, what have I been doing?

I certainly haven’t been posting here.


I’ve been bogged down in the “daily-ness” of life and have’t put in the time to be here and say what I want to say.

I’ve been frustrated.


While I love blogging here and communicating with you all, I’ve been frustrated that I haven’t been able to affect any REAL change.

I want to do more, say more, and make a difference. I want to make change, be a voice for teens, and more importantly help them find their voices. I can’t do it alone and I can’t do it by wishing I could. I need your help.

For several years, I have dreamed of attending the  Children’s Defense Fund’s Samuel DeWitt Proctor Institute for Child Advocacy Ministry in Tennessee. Here is their description from the website.

“Movement-building is hard work. We can’t do it alone. We can’t do it virtually. One generation alone can’t get it done. We need each other and deep spiritual sustenance to keep going and create the just world our children deserve. CDF’s Proctor Institute is where we can sing and pray, strategize and struggle, organize and advocate, and share our stories—our hurts and hopes, pain and passion for justice, in Beloved Community. The spiritual home of the children’s movement, the Proctor Institute on the storied grounds of CDF Haley Farm is where we refresh and renew to that we can continue the hard, hopeful, sacred work of realizing Dr. King’s vision for every child and ending child poverty. Plan now to join us, July 16-20. We can’t wait to welcome you home.”

If I want to build a movement, I can’t do it alone.

I need allies and mentors. I will need connections to the world of advocates and movement building.

Every year, I want to attend and every year, money is short. I want this year to be different.

I’m taking a risk and asking for your help. Please consider donating to help me attend this incredible Institute where I can learn and gain skills to begin and sustain a movement for teen voice.

I promise you, I will make the most of it.

But I need your help.

Donations are greatly needed and so is sharing. The more people who are involved, the better!

Thank you so much.

Help Me Become a Teen Advocate

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